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5 Benefits Of Doing A Juice Cleanse

The diet of human beings has changed drastically ever in the last two centuries. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, humans had to prepare their food from scratch, from growing or hunting for their own food, to the preparation and cooking. However, in the twenty-first century, mass production means that food can be readily obtained. The downside is that these foods are often laden with processed chemicals and substances such as refined oil and sugar, which bring about a whole host of health problems.

Nevertheless, there exists a way for you to restore your body to its optimal health, and that is through doing a juice cleanse – by replacing solid foods in your diet with liquid foods such as juice or broths. At PUR Cold-Pressed, we are committed to helping you reach your health goals. Try a juice cleanse today with our juices. To find out more about the advantages of juice cleansing, continue reading this article.

Aids in Digestion

Three of the most common ingredients in PUR Cold-Pressed juices are cayenne pepper, ginger and turmeric, foods which are beneficial to the digestive system. The former stimulates the production of enzymes which are critical to the breaking down of food. Meanwhile, ginger speeds up the time taken for the food to move from the small intestine to the stomach, whereas curcumin, a chemical found in turmeric, stimulates the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.

Weight Loss

During a juice cleanse, you refrain from consuming foods which contain undesirable substances such as refined carbohydrates and saturated fats; these foods tend to stimulate weight gain. Scientific evidence has also shown that a juice cleanse helps to substantially reduce cravings for such foods weeks after the cleansing period. This means that the weight loss effect does not simply occur during the juice cleanse, but also after!


Fruits and vegetables are essential to a healthy diet. However, not all of them taste palatable, and even if so, one might not have the knowledge of how to go about preparing them. These problems can be negated via juicing, simply push all the fruits and vegetables through a juicer and you will be able to enjoy a glass of delicious, nutrient-packed juice in no time at all!


While water is essential to maintaining life, many people surprisingly do not drink enough of it. The European Hydration Institute estimates that more than half of the world’s population fail to consume at least eight cups of water per day. Dehydration can impact you both physically and mentally, leading to reduced organ function and low moods. During a juice cleanse, it is important that you have sufficient water as well for maximum health benefits!

Improved Complexion

Many foods and drinks we consume regularly, especially those with caffeine and alcohol, lead to the dehydration of cells. During a juice cleanse, you avoid drinking any drinks which contain caffeine and alcohol, which can dry out your skin in the long run. Instead, the hydration effects of PUR Cold-Pressed juices ensures that your skin stays well hydrated which improves your complexion.

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