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Dry Brushing: Why And How To Do It

If you're looking for a natural technique to cleanse and renew your skin, dry brushing is an excellent choice. It uses a dry, sturdy brush technique that's meant to help remove dry patches, stimulate circulation, promote digestion, and even transform the look of cellulite. We will explain why you should attempt it and how to do it correctly in this article.

Advantages of Dry Brushing

  •  Detoxifies the Skin

Dry brushing is ideal for removing tough, dry skin. During the exfoliation process, the process helps to clear pores. It also aids in skin detoxification by improving blood flow and lymph drainage. Additionally, unclogging pores make it simpler for our system to shed and expel pollutants through perspiration.

Dead skin cells when removed, make your skin smoother and gentler to touch. It can also instantly brighten your skin's look. Many people claim that dry brushing makes their cellulite less evident because of the brief plumping impact it has on the epidermis. It can even alleviate the look of premature aging due to excessive sun exposure.

  • Enhances Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage

It's not only irritation that causes your skin to become red after brushing, so you don't have to be overly concerned about it. Elevated circulation in the areas you've been dry brushing causes the skin to become a little reddish. It makes absolute sense since there is more blood flow to those spots.

It can also support lymphatic drainage apart from offering you glowing skin. As lymph fluid is found in the blood via the lymph nodes, dry brushing advances the rate of blood circulation, which improves the lymph movement in your body, allowing impurities to be vacated more rapidly.

How to Do It

  • Choose Your Brush

Most people would suggest a boar bristle brush since it has the perfect feel, but if you're vegan, synthetic bristles are not a bad option. You may even play with choices such as ionic copper fibers for expert dry brushers, which reportedly aid to cleanse the body even more, although these can be too abrasive for beginners.

  • Gear Up for The Right Strokes And Pressure

The sweeps should be moderate in intensity; you want to feel a force but not to the extent of irritating it. Long strokes are excellent since you're aiming to push lymph fluid up, which necessitates a delicate and rhythmic touch.

The goal of dry brushing is to stimulate the lymph to flow into your upper body, where it will re-enter the bloodstream. So always commence at the feet and gradually move up, following the circulatory system. End with the neck and décolletage, being especially gentle because this part of the skin is more fragile. Also, because you're above heart level, you're diverging from the bottom-up strategy. Begin with your jawline and work your way down to your chest. To complete your practice, circularly move around your heart.

Dry-brushing is a practice that's amazing whether it's done by you or someone at the local spa salon, and it's really simple to include into your daily routine. You may want to do it in the morning than before bedtime since it is recommended by most experts given its revitalizing properties.

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