The PUR Ideal Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse

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The PUR Juice Cleanse

Your body naturally cleanses itself of toxins everyday, but sometimes we need a little extra help to restore alkalinity, our body’s pH balance, so our system can function efficiently. Cleansing with cold-pressed juice fills your body with essential vitamins and minerals while allowing your digestive system to take a rest.

Our Cleanses are Built to Your Preference.

I received phenomenal service from PUR! I did a 5 day juice and each juice tasted fresh and delicious. I lost some weight, gained some energy and felt amazing. Thank you PUR.

Joseph Dombrowsky

5 Star Rating

But there are SO Many Juice Cleanses?  Why should I try PUR?

AMAZING!!! I ordered the mini cleanse and was delightedly at what I got. My order was delivered to my work exactly at the time I was told. I was always kept up to speed on what was going on. Fantastic customer service! The juices were so delicious and satisfying, that I almost felt that it was wasn’t your typical yucky cleanse. Everything taste so fresh and exactly what’s on the label. HIGHLY recommend PUR... you’ve got to try them. 💕💕💕

Deborah Castillo

5 Star Rating

We know you have many options in Juice. Here's WHY!

  • PUR makes only small batch juices. NO, we aren't a huge facility with hundreds of workers and space. We are a dedicated team of Juice Lovers that make our Juice with Love for YOU!
  • Our Juices are Delicious! Because we DON'T USE processed like HPP, our juices don't lose any of the nutrients or taste that can happen with Big Processors.
  • WE ARE NOT Sold In Grocery Stores. PUR Chooses to work only with small cafe, boutique hotels, and our own Cafes so that we can keep making the product with the finest quality and committment as we always have.  
  • CHECK OUT our Ingredients! We have limited ingrediant, no preservatives, PUR fruits and vegetables in every recipe.
  • BEWARE of the words TEA! Teas are ways for people to simply add water to the mix to lower the cost. Fruits and Veggies are pricey! It takes a huge committment to not blend in water and call it good. Check out our Ingrediant list, we believe you'll be thrilled!

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Absolutely love PUR. I’ve done their cleanse 3 times now. The juices are not only delicious, but I always feel so great when I’ve finished 2 or 3 days of them (I vary between the 2 & 3 day depending on what I have going on). My FAVE is the Mylk 😍 and second fave is easily the greens. Been doing about one a month, and I love the fact that they deliver (to your home or office). Makes it that much more convenient! Can’t wait till next month to do my 4th. Highly recommend. Oh, and for the juice cleanse newbies - it’s really not as hard as you may think it is. The fact that you get to look forward to a tasty juice every 2-3 hours really helps get you through the day with little to no stress about not eating. They also offer the mini cleanse where you can have a light dinner in addition to the cleanses.

Erika Rivera

5 Star Rating