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Common Juice Cleanse Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Juice cleanses are all the rage now. As a diet, it is considerably easier than other options as it is confined within a compact three to seven-day duration. However, there are some less commonly discussed cleansing mistakes that can make the juice cleanse an unbearable torture or possibly even negate the possibility of any benefits. In order for you to make the most out of your juicing program, we have compiled a list of common juice cleanse mistakes and the ways that you can mitigate them.

Not Prepared Before Your Juice Cleanse

Before you get started on the program properly, it is important to ease yourself into the juices by starting a detoxification process. This means avoiding processed foods and opting for more raw fruits and vegetables. Foods that you should avoid include deli meats, pastries, soda, and other sugary and low calorie-density treats. This gives your body more time to adjust to a full-on juice cleanse and also helps with mitigating any cravings during the program itself.

Not Listening to Your Body

If you have never done a juice cleanse before, it is important to start with a shorter duration and to opt for modifications where necessary. This means that if you are constantly feeling tired and unproductive, it could be helpful to do a one-meal cleanse where you replace either lunch or dinner with your choice of juice. If you are determined to do a full juice cleanse, it can also be helpful to have raw vegetables, fruits, or nuts to snack on.

Doing a Cleanse that Lasts Too Long

Cleanses can range between one to seven days and the best duration is highly dependent on your individual goals and lifestyle. If you plan to do a strict juice cleanse that lasts for more than three days, it is important that you have had past experiences and have also made the necessary changes to your lifestyle to manage the lower caloric intake.

Not Staying Hydrated

It can be hard to imagine drinking eight to ten cups of water when you are already gulping down bottles of juice the entire day. However, the juice is not a substitute for regular old plain water. As such, you need to continue maintaining the extra fluid intake. We would also recommend that you consume herbal tea during the program to boost the health benefits. In addition, drinking more water can help to prevent you from experiencing hunger pangs or snacking urges!

Not Taking Note of Your Juice Quality

There are many types of juice out on the market, whether it is freshly homemade, store-bought, or artisanal cold-pressed variations. When you are solely consuming juice, it is important that you are opting for something that is as natural and organic as possible. This means steering clear of any options that are high in sugar, additives, and preservatives.  Where possible, choose cold-pressed juice as they are made with high-pressure processing to ensure that as much of the natural nutrients are retained as possible!

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