Why Choose PUR Cold Pressed?



Your body naturally cleanses itself of toxins everyday, but sometimes we need a little extra help! From the air we breathe, to the products we use, and the food we consume, EVERYONE ingests pollutants and toxins. Cleansing helps us release those toxins from our bodies. When on a juice cleanse, you're disciplining your body to ingest more fruits and veggies on a regular basis. Because of that, you're clearing the toxins from your body, resulting in greater overall health.

Eating better while incorporating juice cleansing into your diet will introduce good bacteria into your gut and immune system that helps fight off illnesses like the flu. A strong immune system means stronger prevention of serious diseases. As you put all of that goodness in, your body will digest food more efficiently, using the nutrients and calories to the best of your ability. Your body will regulate and eliminate the bad stuff more thoroughly!

Because of all the great benefits it offers, cold-pressed juicing is all the rage, but all juices or not made equal. Here’s what sets PUR Cold Pressed apart…

Our Method

Cold-pressing is a method of extracting liquid from fruits and vegetables without depleting any of their nutritional content. In using cold-pressed methods, juices remain raw and nutrient dense for optimal health benefits. All of our juices are cold-pressed, raw and unpasteurized.

Our Juice

Cold-pressed juice is a lot smoother, richer in taste and pulp free. It retains five times more nutrients, minerals and vitamins than juice from a conventional centrifugal machine. The slow process requires significantly more hand-crafted man hours, but when you taste it, you’ll understand why it’s worth it!

Our Sustainability

Not only are our products good for you, they’re good for the earth, too! With a bio-sustainable focus, we bottle everything at the source, and we offer a shipping option to have your juice delivered in an eco-friendly Liviri Box. It keeps the juices fresh and cold and is returned and reused for years!