About PUR Cold Pressed Juice

About PUR Cold Pressed Juice

Our Mission

Our mission? To make premium, cold-pressed juice accessible to EVERYONE. We believe that the path to getting a juice in people’s hands is through using simple ingredients, sourced locally as much as possible with a price point that won't put a hole in your wallet. Our juice is cold-pressed at the Source yielding the absolute highest quality juices. We love what we do and we want you to feel it too!

Try our Ultra premium Cold Pressed juice and you will be delighted!

Remember, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!  So give us a try, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

WHY PUR COLD Pressed Juice?

  • Fresh All natural fruits and vegetables -Absolutely¬†freshest ingredients, bottled within an hour of the farms where the vegetables and fruits are grown. ¬†You can taste and SEE the difference in the bright colors because the fruit is not flash frozen like most other pressed juicery.
  • Yummy yummy! ¬†We are dedicated to flavors, we taste and taste our flavors and we make sure they are as delicious as they are good for you! ¬†Yummy yummy ūüė謆
  • Sustainable production. ¬†Because we are not shipping fruits and vegetables in 18 wheelers just to produce juice, we are saving approximately 5000% (yes, 5 thousand), in Carbon footprint by producing the bottles at the source. ¬†We also bottle in BPA free, recyclable bottles.
  • Dedication to investing in infrastructure with our juicing partners. ¬†We believe in responsibility on a global level. ¬†
  • Partnerships- We employee Sales, Marketing, Distribution teams in the United States, and we pay our employees 30% over the average *. ¬†We also offer profit sharing and ownership opportunities for our partners.

Our Commitment

We only cold-press our juices. Why? This doesn't oxidize or degrade the fruits or vegetables. Preserving 100% nutrients and live enzymes for up to 8 days. Our juice is freshly pressed with ingredients Locally sourced when possible. We will never compromise on quality and our commitment to supporting local is huge. Our juices are cold-pressed and hand-bottled using only the freshest produce. We honor the integrity of quality ingredients and use seasonal fruits and vegetables as much as possible.



Our team

At Pur Cold Pressed Juice, our customers are our priority. With our highly qualified and well-trained customer care staff, we promise you to offer you superior customer service. Everything we do is fired by a passionate and genuine commitment to exceed your expectations and guarantee the best performance. We put a lot of thought into the products that we offer, and we are fully committed to giving our customers an amazing experience.

About PUR Cold Pressed Juice