Guide to the PUR Juice Cleanse Diet

Cold-pressing is a method of extracting liquid from fruits and vegetables without depleting any of their nutritional content. In using cold-pressed methods, juices remain raw and nutrient dense for optimal health benefits. All of our juices are cold-pressed, raw and unpasteurized.

Cleanse Benefits

Cleansing methods and results are unique to each person. Done properly, a juice cleanse can help to increase energy, improve digestion, conquer cravings, support well-being and reset lifestyle habits. The intention is to emerge from your cleanse energized, revital - ized and restored

Before you cleanse

For best results, 1-2 weeks or a minimum of 2-4 days before beginning the cleanse, reduce or completely eliminate the following: (Avoiding these things before you begin your cleanses prepares your body for detoxification and maximizes the benefits).

√ė Caffeine

√ė Alcohol

√ė White Foods (sugar, dairy, white flour, processed/packaged food)

√ė Meat

√ė Nicotine

√ė Over-the-counter medication (unless prescribed by your physician)

During your cleanse

  • Upon waking, squeeze ¬Ĺ lemon in 10-12oz.of warm water. This will help to alkalize your body and kickstart detoxification.
  • Before drinking your first juice, drink at least 24 ounces of water.
  • Drink your 6 juices throughout the day at your convenience, (usually around every 2 hours) making sure to drink plenty of water between each juice. We like to save the Nut Mylk for last because it is not only relaxing, but a great way to get protein before bed. If your body is absolutely not happy and MUST have food, we recommend something liquid-based like vege - table soup broth or a smoothie.

After your cleanse

We recommend taking at least 1 ¬Ĺ days before eating solid foods. Use this period to ease yourself back to solids by consuming smoothies, soups and more cold-pressed juice! Once you are ready, easing into solid foods with lots of vegetables, fruits, and salads is ideal. Continue drinking plenty of water daily.