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The Impacts Of Coffee On A Juice Cleanse

Coffee isn’t just a drink. For many people, it is a necessity that powers them through the day. This might be one of your largest concerns when deciding on whether or not to do a juice cleanse. However, juice cleanses are easily customizable to best suit the needs of the individual. This means that while it is not recommended, it is possible to still drink coffee on a juice cleanse.

Before you succumb to the belief that you cannot be productive without coffee, here is more information on how coffee can potentially affect the perks you gain from your juice cleanse.

Coffee Blocks Sleep Receptors

Adenosine is the hormone that helps with sleep. However, caffeine has been shown to block the effects of adenosine, preventing your body’s adenosine receptors from interacting with the hormone. This means that when coupled with the other effects of caffeine, your body will get a boost of energy and find it even harder to sleep.

Coffee Can Increase Stress                                            

The direct effect of coffee on stress is that it boosts your body’s overall adrenaline to induce an energy boost. However, this is different from the energy that you get from your other caloric intake as adrenaline triggers the body’s fight or flight response.

On top of this, by reducing the amount of sleep you get each night and the other annoying side effects, they can combine to make your body feel worse than it should and thereby increasing your stress levels.

How to Survive a Cleanse Without Coffee

Instead of deciding to go cold turkey immediately, it can be more helpful to taper down cup by cup. In fact, PUR Cold-Pressed offers a Cold Brew Mylk that helps people on their juice cleanse get that morning kick that they need. On top of coffee, it is also possible that you are being addicted to caffeine from other sources like teas, energy drinks, chocolate, and even decaf coffee! Slowly wane your coffee intake during your pre-cleanse and this will help with preventing extreme adverse effects.

Another option that can help is to ensure that you are staying hydrated. This means drinking another eight to ten cups of water on top of the juices that are planned for your cleanse. By quenching your thirst with water, it can help to alleviate any cravings for coffee while providing a long list of benefits. Unlike coffee, water is able to help regulate your body temperature, prevent infections, and improve the delivery of nutrients to your cells.

Lastly, you can try opting for coffee alternatives. This means trying out an herbal coffee or a completely caffeine-free coffee alternative. This is a great option for those who enjoy the taste but are also willing to taper off their addiction to coffee.

Overall, it is best to avoid coffee if you want to maximize the benefits that come from your juice cleanse. However, taking an all-or-nothing approach can easily be more harmful than good so make sure that you are listening to your body and making a plan to better approach your caffeine intake.

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