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The PUR Cold-Pressed Program To Support Food Sustainability

When our customers make a purchase from PUR Cold-Pressed, they can enjoy peace of mind that they are contributing towards food sustainability. How so? This is achieved through our commitment to juicing at the source.

In this article, you can find out more about how PUR Cold-Pressed contributes towards food sustainability!

Our Commitment to Juicing at the Source

Do you know where our juices at PUR Cold-Pressed come from? After conducting intense research, we have decided that Monterrey, Mexico is the best place to produce our juices. Not only are the fruits to be found in Mexico of better quality due to the more conducive climate, but there is also little direct competition in the United States for similar produce.

Because the production facility is within close proximity of the fruit farms, juicing can take place within a few short hours of fruit being harvested. This ensures that our customers can benefit from the freshest cold-pressed juices. When juicing takes place near the source, this reduces the carbon footprint associated with production as the ingredients have a shorter distance to travel.

Did you know that by bottling at the source, we are able to save approximately 800% of fossil fuels as compared to transporting the ingredients to the US for production? That’s right: each time you hold a PUR Cold-Pressed juice bottle in your hands, you can enjoy peace of mind that you are making the right choice towards food sustainability!

Get Nutritious and Delicious Juices from PUR Cold-Pressed

There are many reasons you should opt for our unpasteurized juices from PUR Cold-Pressed. Cold-pressed juices don’t lose any of their nutritional value during the production process, allowing you to retain all the health benefits. Aligning with our commitment towards diversity, PUR Cold-Pressed is headquartered in El Paso, TX, where you can find a unique blend of American and Mexican culture. Proudly woman-owned with a team that represents diversity in age, cultural background and gender, you are contributing towards a sustainable future each time you purchase from PUR Cold-Pressed!

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