We're Getting Noticed in Austin Chronicle! - PUR Cold Pressed Juice

We're Getting Noticed in Austin Chronicle!

We absolutely love when people love our juice, so we were BEYOND honored to be featured in an recent article about Juice companies in the Austin Chronicle.

Austin Chronicle Review - 

PUR Cold-Pressed is, at least, a Texas-based endeavor, serving up a plethora of fresh products in cafes within their hometown of El Paso. They don’t have a physical outpost in Austin – yet – although who knows what might eventually happen in our so-called “free market economy,” right? – but this boutique juicery has a national reach and will ship their stuff directly to you, and boy howdy do they have a terrific program of juices and cleanse diets for you to improve your life with. Ah, wait, that sounds too clinical. That’s doing them a disservice. Because these PUR juices, which we’ve been pretty much guzzling since they visited a sample pack upon our doorstep, are so incredibly tasty that the health benefits are almost beside the point. Juice that tastes like this is what you want in your life as often as possible – especially that Blue Chia of theirs, with its mixture of apple, pineapple, chia, and blue spirulina. It’s. Just. So. Good. Do people even drink, like, soda anymore? Because, with beverages like this in the world, why?


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