Wellness Elixir Cold Pressed Juice Shots

What Is a Wellness Juice Shot?

Small in size, big in impact. Wellness elixir juice shots are 2.5 ounces of pure cold-pressed juice, filled with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from fruits and vegetables.

Developed with specific wellness needs in mind, our range of concentrated cold-pressed juiceshots provide the perfect portable and delicious nutrient boost to supercharge your days. Throw a couple of wellness juice shots in your bag, keep them handy at work, or resort to their glory to combat afternoon slumps!

PUR Wellness Elixir Cold-Pressed Juice Shots

Our wellness elixirs are small function-focused blends of our cold-pressed juices. These pocket-sized bottles carry the raw nectar of produce without artificial sweeteners or preservatives to deliver a BIG impact.

We offer a broad spectrum of wellness juice shots, including:

  • Immunity Boost Elixir: Step up and revive your system with a combo of concentrated lemon, cayenne, and ginger.
  • Beauty Wellness Elixir: Looking to support your skin? Treat yourself to a mix of apple, lemon, and ginger, topped with vegan marine collagen peptides.
  • Mental Majik Wellness Elixir: Feeling a bit drained and foggy? Recharge your body and mind with lemon, ginger, Blue Majik—or spirulina extract, and a hint of agave.
  • Defense Wellness Elixir: If potent shots are your thing, gain the protection and kick from lemon, orange, ginger, and turmeric in this hearty formula.
  • Wellness Elixir Pack: Want more than one juice shot? Get a 12 or a 24-pack of our cold-pressed juice shots in one flavor, to access all the benefits of these mini doses.
  • Wellness Elixir Discovery Kit: If you are curious about our wellness shots but unsure about what blend to go for, explore all our options with this convenient discovery package! Choose from a 4, 12, or 24-pack to test the waters!

How to Take Cold-Pressed Juice Shots

Take one to two cold-pressed juiceshots a day,or spread them outas needed depending on your goals and needs. Remember to listen to your body at all times! You can drink them solo or add them to your own juice. These can be taken in conjunction with a cold-pressed juice cleanse, or to supplement your regular diet. Keep them refrigerated, shake them well, and... Bottoms up!

Why Cold-Pressed Juice Shots?

While we know there’s no magic cure for your health ailments, cold-pressed juice shots offer a plant-based, compact, and easy-to-carry option to complement a balanced diet and support healthy habits.

Refill your body with nutrients and elevate your health! From the anti-inflammatory action of turmeric, the versatile properties of ginger, and the superfood powers of spirulina—garner the health benefits of our fresh cold-pressed ingredients with one sip!