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Austin Chronicle Review - 

PUR Cold-Pressed¬†is, at least, a¬†Texas-based¬†endeavor, serving up a plethora of fresh products in cafes within their hometown of El Paso. They don‚Äôt have a physical outpost in Austin ‚Ästyet¬†‚Äď although who knows what might eventually happen in our so-called ‚Äúfree market economy,‚ÄĚ right? ‚Äď but this boutique juicery has a national reach and¬†will ship their stuff directly to you, and boy howdy do they have a terrific program of juices and cleanse diets for you to improve your life with. Ah, wait, that sounds too clinical. That‚Äôs doing them a disservice. Because these PUR juices, which we‚Äôve been pretty much guzzling since they visited a sample pack upon our doorstep, are¬†so incredibly tasty¬†that the health benefits are almost beside the point. Juice that tastes like this is what you want in your life as often as possible ‚Äď especially that¬†Blue Chia¬†of theirs, with its mixture of apple, pineapple, chia, and blue spirulina. It‚Äôs. Just. So. Good. Do people even drink, like,¬†soda¬†anymore? Because, with beverages like this in the world, why?



Essence Magazine - 

The Perfect Fitness Gift Ideas For Anybody Working Off The #Quarantine15

In search of the perfect gift for fitness-obsessed friends, wellness-focused family members or those looking to kickstart their wellness journey in the New Year? Look no further than PUR Cold Pressed Juice. Boasting a diverse array of 100% natural vegan juices, cleanse kits, protein-infused juices, mylk-based products, elixirs and fun-fruit mixers to craft tasty and healthy boozy concoctions - PUR has just the right fit for everyone on your list.