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4 Ways To A More Sustainable Lifestyle And How PUR Does It

At PUR Cold-Pressed, we have made it our mission to pave the way for a healthier living while also putting the environment first in our production process. We have been working towards enabling our customers to enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle so everybody can anticipate a better future together on a healthier planet. Sustainability has been on everybody’s lips across the industry and here, we will share with you what it really means and why it matters.

What Is Sustainable Living?

To lead a sustainable lifestyle is to reduce the amount of resources we use from the Earth as a means to protect it from harm. There are various ways that will allow us to achieve this and one of the ways is to limit the amount of energy we use, changing our diet, and using eco-friendly products. In general, sustainable living involves us trying to have as little of an impact on Earth as possible while also making an effort to replace the resources that we use.

Importance of Sustainable Living

Currently, we are using energy, producing resources, and creating waste at a rate that is not sustainable. This scenario can cause environmental issues that can include climate change and pollution which harm the wildlife, environment, and humans. To reduce our carbon footprint and tackle these problems, we can start by making some small changes to our lifestyle.

How You Can Help

You, too, can help the earth little by little by living a more sustainable lifestyle. We have compiled a list of several ways that can help you and your loved ones to do your part for the environment.

  • Sustainable Fruit Processing

Being sustainable can help to differentiate our brand from other fruit juice producers and this makes a positive difference to the bottom line. We ensure to always handle byproducts and waste through the proper channels to prevent any serious implications to the environment and economy.

  • Saving Energy

When you use less energy, carbon emissions will be lowered. At home, you can switch off appliances that are on standby, hang clothes to dry instead of drying them in the dryer, and turn off or lower your heating or air-conditioning.

  • Changing Diet

The production of meat is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. When you change your diet to include less meat and increase fruits and vegetables, you can help to reduce the impact that the meat industry inflicts on earth.

  • Reuse and Recycle

Anything that can be reused or recycled needs to be separated into the correct bins. Things like plastic bags can be reused as bin liners. Takeout containers can also be reused to store leftovers or ingredients in the refrigerator. Only resort to recycling if you really cannot reuse the things around the house.

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