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Healthy Alternatives To Junk Food That Can Satisfy Your Cravings

If you are planning to eat healthier, you might have been finding it hard to avoid junk food cravings that strike every so often. These unexpected cravings are completely normal and it is healthy to still have junk food in moderation. However, if you are finding that you feel bloated or sluggish after your favorite snack, another option is to consider healthy alternatives to junk food and healthier recipes that are able to satisfy your appetite.

Healthier Alternatives

Instead of junk food, try out these healthier alternatives that have similar taste profiles or textures. This can help satisfy your craving without any of the unwanted effects of junk food.

  • Replace Candy with Fruit

For those with a sweet tooth, having a pack of candy or gummy snacks might be your afternoon go-to. Fruits are sweet but do not have as much added sugar, making them healthier. You can either prepare a pack of pre-cut fresh fruits or stock up on a bag of dried fruits. Convenient options are grapes, blueberries, dried cranberries, or apricots.

  • Replace Chips with Vegetable Chips

There is nothing quite like the satisfying crunch of your favorite pack of chips. However, there are two ways that you can swap out the junk food. You can either opt for fresh-cut vegetables like carrots that you pair with a delicious homemade dip like hummus or bean dip. Another option would be dehydrate or bake fruits and vegetables to have a more satisfying crunch! Kale chips are an amazing substitute as they are light, airy and can be seasoned with your favorite spices and flavorings.

  • Replace Cake/Brownies with Black Bean Brownies

Your regular baked treat is delicious but can be packed full of unhealthy fat and added sugar. Black bean brownies are a guilt-free alternative that may sound a bit weird, but actually taste amazing and are packed full of fiber and protein. On top of that, black bean brownie recipes are generally gluten-free and dairy-free so you don’t have to worry about ingredient sensitivities.

  • Replace Soda with Sparkling Water or Kombucha

It is common knowledge that sodas are full of preservatives and refined sugars. However, wanting to be healthier does not mean that you have to fully give up on the fizz. One option is kombucha which has carbonation from the fermentation process that the tea goes through. On top of that, kombucha also has probiotics and antioxidants that can improve your gut health. Another option is to opt for sparkling water that is flavored with a slice of lemon or cucumber.

  • Replace Milkshakes with Cold Pressed Juice

That thick and decadent chocolate milkshake might be something that you think about every so often, however, it can also contribute to making you feel sluggish or bloated. If you are craving an icy drink, cold pressed juice and smoothies are a great substitute. In fact, PUR Cold-Pressed’s Choco Mylk + Protein Chocolate Almond Milk has that familiar creamy texture while also adding protein into your diet.

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