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A Freshly Squeezed Juice A Day Keep The Doctor Away

There is nothing healthier than eating fresh fruits. However, you can reap as many rewards when you juice your fruits to enjoy a refreshing cup of freshly squeezed juice. Join us to find out more about how having a cup of juice a day can keep the doctor away.

Detoxify Body

When you consume a glass of fresh juice every morning on an empty stomach, you can detoxify your body to get rid of harmful toxins. If you are not able to have fruits every day, making fresh fruit juice a part of your daily diet is the easiest alternative you can find. However, always ensure that you are buying freshly squeezed juices instead of packaged fruit juices that can be high in sugar. A glass of fresh juice is rich in enzymes, vitamins, and minerals which can be easily absorbed into your body. Taking fresh fruit juice on a regular basis can prevent you from suffering from various ailments.

Promote Weight Loss

Drinking a glass of fresh juice every morning can help you to see a difference in your weight. Fruits have a high water content along with fiber which can help you to feel fuller longer while also supporting good gut health. Fruit juice also strengthens your immunity and prevents allergies. You can detoxify your body naturally to flush out toxins that in turn enables you to lose weight.

Rich in Vitamins

Eating raw fruits and vegetables is definitely much more recommended as compared to drinking juices. However, this does not mean that you are not getting the same benefits when you drink fruit juice. Juices provide your body with enough water to keep it well hydrated. Whether you are feeling thirsty or are craving something sweet, fruit juice can relieve you of your thirst and craving at the same time. The best part is, you are also drinking all of its nutritional value.

Fresh Juices

It is important for us to reiterate that fresh juices will provide you with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Processed or packaged juices, on the other hand, may not offer you with the nutrients that you are looking to enjoy in fruits and vegetables. At PUR Cold-Pressed, all of our juices are cold-pressed from raw fruits and vegetables to retain their full vitamins and minerals for you to enjoy.

Fulfill Cravings

As mentioned earlier, fruit juice can relieve your cravings. Whether you are craving something sweet or any other kind of food like fries for a snack, you can fulfill them with fruit juice. Fruit juice is definitely healthier than a sweetened beverage or oily snack. Furthermore, fruit juice has high water content, thus keeping you full until the next meal. However, be sure to consume fruit juice in moderation unless you are going on a juice cleanse. Follow our juice cleanse guide to get healthier in a safe way. We share with you the proper way to switch your diet with different juices that let you reach your health and fitness goals.

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