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How To Cleanse With PUR Cold Pressed Juices

Apart from detoxifying your body, an organic juice cleanse also offers plenty of other health benefits and it is equally important to focus on the entire journey and not just on the process. There are many health experts in the field who have had years of cleansing experience and are here to guide you. If you have taken the first step to commit to the journey, here are the recommended steps to take on how to do a juice cleanse.

Evaluate Eating Habits

First of all, it is necessary to evaluate your eating habits to establish a pre-cleanse diet duration that is suitable for your body. This can help your body prepare to fight against adverse detox symptoms that may cause you to lack energy, experience body aches, headaches, anxiety, irritation, diarrhea, and others. Always plan way ahead of time so you can enjoy the full benefits.

Different Preparation for Different Diets

  • Junk Food Addict: If you have a sweet tooth and mostly consume food and beverages that are packed with sugar and oil, it is recommended to go through a full-week transition. This can help you avoid various adverse detox symptoms. During this transition period, cut back on the junk and opt for salads for lunch and fruits for dessert.
  • Classic American: Do you find yourself eating microwaved meals, boxes of pasta, burgers, and fries all week? If the answer is yes, set aside 5 days for your transition period and use it to plan your meals in advance to incorporate as many fruits and vegetables as possible into your daily meals.
  • Weekend Splurging: You prefer healthy meals during the week but once the weekend arrives, you find yourself indulging in happy hour specials and weekend brunches. For this type of diet, spend 3 to 4 days of transition to get rid of processed foods and alcohol that you have consumed over the weekend. Instead of fries, go for a side salad and replace those mimosas with water.
  • Health Junkie: You are always drinking your green smoothies and are constantly on the lookout for superfood trends. However, you do still occasionally cheat with waffles and ice cream every other week. To get back on track, spend 1 to 2 days before transitioning into a juice cleanse.

Drinking Juices

The order of the juice cleanse is set to help you function easily throughout the day. For those doing a 3-day juice cleanse, take the cold-pressed juice as your breakfast and another cold-pressed juice for dinner. Be sure to leave a gap of 2 to 3 hours between each juice or whenever you start feeling hungry. There is no fixed timing as everyone’s body works differently. You can choose to drink as much water as your body requires throughout the day.

Not Feeling Good

As mentioned earlier, you may or may not experience various adverse detox symptoms. These side effects may be a sign that your body is working really hard to detoxify the toxins that have built up inside. Try getting enough sleep and meditate if the side effects are more severe than you thought. Drinking enough water daily can also help to flush out the toxins faster so the adverse detox symptoms can wean off quickly.

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