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Introducing PUR Cold-Pressed's New Favorite Mylk Recipe

Plant-based milk is gaining traction everywhere, and there’s no better time to start making the switch. Even if you stick to regular milk most of the time, you may wish to switch things up or simply make the change to an alternative. Here is where PUR Cold-Pressed’s new line of Mylk drinks comes in. Not only are they brimming with health benefits, but they are also easy to grab and enjoy on the go – perfect for busy and working adults!

In this article, we share with you more about PUR Cold-Pressed’s new favorite Mylk recipe!

Introducing Our Mylk Drinks

After months of testing, PUR Cold-Pressed has finally launched our Mylk drinks. Meant to be a meal replacement alternative, each Mylk drink features almond milk and is mixed with vegan proteins, making them suitable for individuals who practice a range of diets and lifestyle habits.

The press release covering our new line of Mylk drinks was published on search engines Google News, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask, social media platforms Twitter and Facebook as well as on Texas Newswire and the United States Newswire. A testament to how far-reaching our client base has grown since our inception, we are pleased to invite you to try it out as well!

Our Favorite Mylk Recipes

In our new Mylk range, you can find three delicious blends, including:

  • Vanilla Almond Mylk + Protein: The recipe involves dates, cinnamon powder, and vanilla extract to give it a spicy note. You may even be transported back to the festive season when you take that first indulgent sip!
  • Cold Brew Mylk + Protein Coffee Almond Milk: This is the recipe for our caffeine lovers. If you need a little dose of caffeine to get you through the day, our Cold Brew Mylk + Protein Coffee is a great alternative. The recipe contains cinnamon powder, coconut milk, cacao powder, vanilla extract, and sweet agave nectar. The end result is a delightful drink that will keep you coming back for more!
  • Chocolate Mylk + Protein Chocolate Almond Milk: Chocolate lovers, we have you covered. This drink features a recipe that blends coconut milk and almond milk with rich cacao powder to give you a sweet and bitter aftertaste. Die-hard chocolate lovers will marvel at the rich taste.

Our Mylk drinks come in your choice of 12 oz. and 16 oz. bottles. Alternatively, you may choose to place a subscription order and enjoy 10% off. Our subscribers also stand to benefit in many other ways, including exclusive PUR rewards and discounts as well as access to a special phone number for customer service!

Find Your Next Meal Replacement at PUR Cold-Pressed

With the busy lives many of us lead today, it can be hard to find time to sit down and have a meal. Or you may simply prefer something fuss-free you can have on the go. When that’s the case, PUR Cold-Pressed’s line of Mylk drinks presents the perfect meal replacement alternative for you. Not only are your drinks chockfull of protein and nutrients, but they are also delicious, and drinking them will not feel like a chore. Regardless of your lifestyle goals – be it weight loss, detoxification, or boosting your immunity – our Mylk drinks can serve as a nutritional supplement for all kinds of diets!

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