Read the latest news PUR Cold-Pressed Launches Their Latest Juice Line With A New Mylks Recipe

PUR Cold-Pressed Launches Their Latest Juice Line With A New Mylks Recipe


Meet PUR delicious Mylks

Juice cleanse retailer PUR Cold-Pressed launches new addition to their popular juice line with a new Mylks recipe featuring a plant-based milk & protein drink.

We are truly so proud of our new Mylks recipe, which we have been testing out and experimenting with for more than a year.”
— Viviana Hernandez


EL PASO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, March 28, 2022 / -- After 18 months of testing, PUR Cold Pressed is pleased to announce the latest release of their New Mylks recipe, a meal replacement alternative that comprises plant-based milk mixed with protein for an extra boost of energy.

The drink now comes in three rich, delicious yet classic flavors – Almond Vanilla Mylk + Protein, Choco Mylk + Protein Chocolate Almond Milk, and Cold Brew Mylk + Protein Coffee Almond Milk. These three flavors feature almond milk and are mixed with vegan protein, making them suitable for all diets, including vegan.

The Almond Vanilla Mylk + Protein contains vanilla extract that adds a sweet, perfumed aroma and cinnamon powder that adds a slight woody and spicy note to the drink. The end result is a delightful, creamy, and indulgent drink that keeps cravings at bay and brings a sense of comfort.

The Choco Mylk + Protein Chocolate Almond Milk features rich and luxurious cacao powder that adds that slightly bitter yet sweet taste that every drinker is familiar with. The drink is accompanied by the flavor of creamy and smooth coconut milk that produces a rich and decadent taste.

The Cold Brew Mylk + Protein Coffee Almond Milk is perfect for coffee-lovers who need that boost of caffeine before heading out for the day without that midday withdrawal. The drink is infused with robust cold brew mixed with sweet agave nectar, creamy coconut milk, spicy cinnamon powder, cacao powder for a chocolatey taste, and aromatic vanilla extract for a well-rounded and sumptuous flavor.

The new Mylks recipe is made to fit a wide diversity of lifestyles as it is also designed to support weight loss alongside a structured health program. In addition, the drink can increase energy, boost immunity, improve digestion, and support well-being. It is also suitable as a nutritional supplement to different types of diets.

"We are truly so proud of our new Mylks recipe, which we have been testing out and experimenting with for more than a year. PUR Cold-Pressed has always prioritized the well-being and satisfaction of our customers – that is why we took the time to ensure that we got it right the first time," said Viviana Hernandez (Director of Operations).

"PUR Cold Pressed has always listened to our #PurFAM. As a result, our customers have feedback that they loved the Choco Mylk as a filling and delicious dessert and treat to enjoy at the end of the day," said Karina Winn (Head of Customer’s Service).

About PUR Cold Pressed

PUR Cold Pressed prides itself on using only the highest-quality, freshest natural ingredients that are locally sourced to reduce carbon footprint and impact on the environment. The juices are cold pressed to preserve the integrity of the taste and to preserve as many nutrients and live enzymes as possible for drinkers to receive the full nutritional value. The drinks are produced exclusively in Monterrey, Mexico, where the team has a better oversight of quality control and the cold pressing process. The company also believes in making its juices affordable to ensure that all customers have equal access to a high quality of life and greater nutrition.

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