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Tips On How To Survive A Juice Cleanse

Have you been waiting to do your first juice cleanse but have been holding off because of how daunting it seems? Starting and sticking to a juice cleanse may seem challenging at first, but it is not an impossible feat With the following tips, you will be able to do  your juice cleanse in a sustainable way, and emerge restored, revitalized, and energized! Here are some vital tips to survive a juice cleanse.

Plan Your Juice Cleanse Wisely

Before you embark on your juice cleanse, take a look at your calendar. Planning your cleanse during a friend’s wedding, a romantic vacation, or a holiday can be challenging. Being surrounded by a sea of mouth-watering delights makes sticking to your juice cleanse routine tougher than it needs to be. Therefore, set yourself up for success from the get-go by planning your juice cleanse during a period of time when you can relax and commit to succeeding at your cleanse, such as over a long weekend.

Slowly Ease Yourself into the Cleanse

Cut dairy, alcohol, and gluten out of your diet for three to five days before your cleanse. This is instrumental for a smoother transition into your juice cleanse and consequently having higher chances of succeeding in your juice cleanse.

Prepare Your Juices in Advance

When you don't prepare your juices in advance, it makes it harder to stick to the juice cleanse routine. It is imperative to prepare your juices in advance to ensure your juices are readily available, especially when you are hungry where your inhibitions may lower. However, not all of us have a juicer or the time to make all of our juices. Therefore, pre-made juices are a convenient alternative that is paramount to the success of your juice cleanse.

Add Herbal Teas

Having some decaffeinated herbal tea on hand helps satisfy hunger pangs and cravings that may creep up on you and tempt you to give up on your juice cleanse. Hot liquids such as tea circumvents hunger urges that enable you to stay committed to your juice cleanse. Moreover, herbal teas keep your taste buds stimulated by adding a tinge of extra flavor to your diet during the juice cleanse.


Juice with A Friend


One of the best ways to succeed in your goals is to cleanse with a friend!  It's often easier to reach your goals with an accountability partner.  Whether it's a family member, partner, co-worker, or friend, why not try your PUR Cold Pressed Juicery juice cleanse with someone!


Change Your Mindset

What are the motivations and goals behind the juice cleanse program? Was it to:

  • Boost energy levels?
  • Detox your body?
  • Support a healthy diet plan?

Whatever your motivation is, focus on it to stay on track.

Temptations may strike, but the key to your success is to remember why you're doing the juice cleanse in the first place. Stay the course and be patient with yourself. You’ll be proud of yourself for completing it, whether it’s your first or fifth juice cleanse!


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