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Tasty Ways To Add More Greens In Your Diet

Even as we grow up and we start to eat more vegetables, it can sometimes be hard to find a way to add them to your diet other than as some sort of salad. This may work for some days, but it can be really boring to have the same thing over and over.

We understand your struggles! This is why we have compiled a list of easy and delicious ways that you can introduce more greens into your diet.

Juices and Smoothies

Juicing is an excellent way to get both vegetables and fruits into your diet – all in a way that is easy to gulp down when you’re on the go. All you will need is a handy dandy juicer and get experimenting with recipes! You can add in kale, swiss chard, beets, dandelion greens, and spinach! Experiment by adding in different types of milk, fruits, and supplements for a truly delicious drink.

If you find that it is troublesome to make it all yourself, you can also opt for cold pressed juices. PUR Cold Pressed offers a PUR Greens Daily Green Juice that you can purchase in bulk to ensure that you have a steady supply of vegetable juices. Opt for a blend of different flavors or go for that one flavor that you have tried, tested, and loved.

Vegetable Wraps

One of our favorite ways to incorporate vegetables is to use them as a wrap. You can use any type of large leafy green and simply put on any toppings that you want. This works in the same way as a tortilla wrap where you can put lunch meats, cheese, and other common toppings. Not only is this an amazing way to add in more vegetables to your diet, but it can also help to lighten your lunch with the refreshing crunch of lettuce.

Incorporate Vegetables into Meats and Sauces

This is not just a great way for you to incorporate vegetables into your diet, but also an amazing technique to get the picky eaters in your life to have a more balanced diet. The next time you make foods like meatballs and burgers, simply add some finely chopped spinach or other greens into the mixture. The meat will cover the taste of the vegetables but you will still get all the benefits!

Another option is adding the vegetables into your sauce. One common option is pesto but there are definitely no limits as to which sauces you can blend with vegetables for a unique taste. This can work with both tomato-based and cream-based sauces.

Snack on Them

Instead of reaching for that bag of chips, you can easily incorporate more vegetables into your diet by introducing kale chips or fresh carrot sticks. They are an excellent source of vitamin K and C and can make for a light snack throughout the day. All you need to do is sprinkle on some salt or homemade seasoning and they are bursting with the same flavor!

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