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Cold-Pressed Juice Cleanses for Weight Loss

For those who have embarked on the struggle to achieve effective, long-term weight loss, you know full well the hurdles and difficulties that you encounter along the way.

If there’s one thing to learn from our journey towards our weight goals, we rarely find the silver bullet that makes the slog required to effect genuine weight loss simple. More often than not, it is hard work, plain and simple, that delivers on our weight goals.

However, that isn’t to say we can’t make this journey easier on ourselves. 

At PUR Cold-Pressed Juices, our mission is to give you all the help you need to reach your dream fitness level and boost a healthy lifestyle. So if you’re grinding it out in your weight-loss regimen and need a helping hand to get past your goals, we’re here to let you know about a proven strategy to bolster your weight loss results. Get ready to see an active impact through juice cleanses for weight loss.

How Do Juice Cleanses Work?

You may have already heard about juice cleanses at this point. They’ve evolved from a dietary trend into a proven strategy for all sorts of health goals. Juice cleanses have been shown to help with everything from packing our diet with often neglected vitamins and minerals we need from fruits and veggies, strengthening our gut’s microbiome, and weight loss.

So what’s really happening when you go on a juice cleanse? By consuming a robust intake of distilled nutrients from fruits and vegetables, crucial to our good health, you’re getting your body reaccustomed to digesting these much-needed vitamins and minerals into your diet.

For people in the midst of a diet tailored to weight loss, perhaps you’ve considered juice cleanses as an effective supplement to calibrating your body towards a healthier, weight-loss-friendly solid food plan. 

A juice cleanse program can give you a huge nutritional boost that allows you to be more selective with what whole foods you eat in the future, allowing you to streamline your diet and cut out processed foods getting in your way to weight loss.

No need to include more foods into your diet so you can get those daily recommended doses of vitamin B, potassium, vitamin C, and more . Most juicing cleanses are already full of those vitamins and nutrients, freeing up space in your food plan that will help you power forward towards your goal weight.

Boost Your Diet With Cold-Pressed Juice 

With cold-pressed juice, you’re getting even more nutritional value than your standard juices. Why? Because cold-pressing juices can extract up to five times the nutritional value of other, common juicing methods, like centrifugal extraction.

Cold-pressing involves a hydraulic press capable of exerting thousands of pounds of pressure that smashes fruits and vegetables, like apples, beets, celery, cucumbers, spinach, ginger, kale, pineapple, leafy greens, and lemons, down into a juice form without losing any of their nutritional value. 

When juices get cooked down with heat, the exchange saps them of their original nutritional levels.

Who would have thought that so much goes into getting you a bottle of juice?

Cold-pressing retains your fruits and veggies’ vitamins and minerals. You’re essentially able to get all the same goodness you’d get from eating your fruits and veggies as is, only now you’re able to slim down your weekly food plan with some extra healthy servings of juice.

With the additional benefits of a cold-pressed juice cleanse, you can make dietary adjustments that make the most of your meals.

Tailor Your Juicing Cleanse Program To Fit Your Needs

When it comes to making the most of your juice cleanse, having a reliable dietary plan going in will help power you forward to your weight goals.

Cold-pressed juice can be a super effective way to make significant progress with weight loss, but again, it’s not that silver bullet that’s your one-off, magical answer to sustainable weight loss.

That’s why you should choose a juicing cleanse that best fits your fitness goals.

For those who are driven to drop weight fast, more intense juice cleanses that favor more fluid in your food plan can help drop some weight at a rapid rate. Naturally, if you’re eating less and feeling your nutrition intake with a potent juicing regimen, you’ll shed some pounds quicker.

However, when it comes to long-lasting, effective weight loss, sustainable dietary habits centered on consistent, attainable juice cleanses can still produce results over long periods, thanks to promising benefits associated with juice cleanses.

Help Maintain Microbiome After Lost Weight Off

In one study, participants took part in a juicing cleanse to determine some of the long-term effects of cleanses for weight loss. Specifically, researchers were curious what effects juice cleanses have on our microbiome, bacteria living in our gut that has reliably shown to be essential in many different aspects of our health.

It only took three days to see results in weight loss from the initial juice cleanse. Afterward, the participants returned to a more conventional dietary plan. Yet the effects of the juicing on their weight loss lingered well past two weeks. 

The participants returned after 17 days from when they started their cleanse, with most reporting that their weight lost during the cleanse had stayed off. That’s almost two weeks after their initial cleanse, and still, they were demonstrating the results of their cleanse.

How Did Juicing Affect the Microbiome?

The researchers sought to find a connection that could drive this sustained weight loss weeks after a quick three-day cleanse. Their focus was on the microbiome, where they measured a variety of different bacteria from before the cleanse, a day after its completion, and finally two weeks after completion.

They found that gut bacteria associated with elevated body weight, called Firmicutes, were reduced in the two weeks after the cleanse compared to levels initially recorded at the beginning of the study.

Similarly, gut bacteria associated with low body weight, Bacteroidetes, were reported to be at higher levels in the participants after the two-week follow-up.

The people in the study had more of the good bacteria and less of the bad bacteria, just after a three-day cleanse with only six varieties of juice. While we’re only beginning to understand the complex functions of our microbiome, the results of this study are promising.

Choosing The Best Cleanse For You

How you incorporate juice cleanses into your weight loss program is purely up to you. Work at a level you’ll be able to stick with and return to in the long run.

After all, successful weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. And juice cleanses can be a reliable weight loss strategy you can always return to.

At PUR, we offer a variety of packages that let you choose a juice cleanse that works based on your needs. Choose from juice cleanses of 3, 5, or 7 days. Whatever level you’re ready to get started at, we got you covered with 6 different juices a day, each packed with nutrients that will power you through your cleanse.

Additionally, we offer a variety of infused juice options to get you even more out of your cleanse. On top of our signature cleanse, you can also choose the Harmony Cleanse, our nut-based milk protein infusion package. 

Looking for more protein? The Powerhouse Cleanse is great for folks who are on a high-protein diet.

When paired with a healthy diet, following a consistent juice cleanse will help fill in the rest of your nutritional needs. Juicing is a great way to make the most out of your weight loss journey. 

Not to mention, juicing can help you optimize your nutritional intake, ensuring you’re getting loads of vitamins and minerals between structured meal plans that allow you both lose weight and keep it off.


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