Tips For A Safe Juice Cleanse

February 20, 2022 2 min read

Tips For A Safe Juice Cleanse | PUR Cold Pressed Juice

If you are starting out on your first juice cleanse, it is important that you take all the preparations required to make it a safe one. At PUR Cold-Pressed, we have heard many people worry about concerning side effects or not being able to adjust to the liquid diet. To help you make an informed choice on juice cleansing, here are some tips for successful and safe juice cleanse.

Have Ample Preparation

It might be tempting to order a juice cleanse for the next day and just jump straight in. However, not adjusting your diet somewhat can make the detox symptoms worse than needed. If you know that you are going to be on a juice cleanse, make sure that you start adapting your diet by incorporating more raw veggies and fruits. Adopting a cleaner diet prior to the cleanse can help with reducing any negative side effects.

Plan Out Your Juice Recipes            

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This is especially so when you plan to go on a juice cleanse. This is because if you do not plan out your recipes properly, it can be really easy to fall short on your required calories or not have a balanced diet during your cleanse. If daily caloric intake drops too far during the cleanse, you are setting yourself up for a terrible time and possibly affecting your energy levels.

On top of that, many vegetables have specialized health benefits like anti-inflammatory or immunity-enhancing properties. It is important to choose recipes that suit your goals and can help you meet your needs.

Lack of Protein

When you are going into a juice cleanse, it is important to ensure that you will still have enough protein to maintain your muscle mass and to help you feel full. If you do not curate your recipes and ingredients well, fruits and vegetables alone may have insufficient levels of protein and leave you hungry and affected. However, you can easily remedy this by adding on nut-milk beverages like cashew or almond milk or by including vegan protein into your juices. If these are not palatable to you, make sure that you have enough dark green vegetables to provide your recommended protein intake.

Listen to Your Body

Like with all other diets, it is important to listen to your body and make modifications where necessary. This can mean slowly phasing into your juice cleanse where you slowly replace more and more meals with juices or by having a mix of fresh fruits and vegetables with your daily juices. At all points, it is important to be in tune with your body and take note of how it reacts to the different juice cleanses and throughout the duration of the juice cleanse.


Even though you will be chugging down bottles of juice each day, it is still important to drink sufficient amounts of water each day. In fact, it is crucial that you keep up your recommended intake of water to prevent hunger pangs from affecting your energy levels.

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