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Top Foods To Eat Right After A Juice Cleanse

So, you’ve just finished your juice cleanse. Now what? Whilst a juice cleanse comes with many benefits, your reintroduction back to solid food is just as important for you to maintain the health benefits that you have cleansed for. In fact, the optimal way to continue eating after should replicate the number of days that you have been doing the cleanse.

To help you transition back to a regular diet, here are some of our top recommendations for foods to eat right after a juice cleanse.

First Day After Your Juice Cleanse

It is important that you remember that your body has begun to adjust to a liquid diet and will need more time to digest and process solid foods. For your first post juice cleanse menu, try for three small meals. Where possible, opt for whole foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables that are easily digestible. In essence, it is best to avoid straying too far from the ingredients you were already consuming. So, your meals on the first day should include fresh vegetables that were included in your cleanse, nuts, fresh fruit, and mild seasonings.

Second Day After Your Juice Cleanse

On day two, continue to prioritize fruits and vegetables. However, you can start to reintroduce a small portion of grains like rice or quinoa. Even if you were used to eating large portions before, it is important to try to continue having small meals so that your body is able to adapt. At this point, you can also try adding in healthy fats like peanut butter or avocadoes. If needed, this is also a good time to try reintroducing small amounts of coffee or other caffeinated drinks.

Third Day After Your Cleanse                           

On day three, this is the time to start introducing eggs and dairy. This means being able to take in products like yogurt, skim milk, and eggs. At this point, it can also be helpful to start introducing easily digestible animal proteins like lean chicken and tofu. An ideal menu can be having a yogurt parfait for breakfast, a Caesar salad for lunch, and a tofu rice bowl for dinner. Where possible, it is still ideal to try to keep to small meals and not overload your stomach and digestive system.

Fourth Day After Your Cleanse

If you only did a three-day juice cleanse, it is likely that your body is already well-adjusted at this point. However, it can be beneficial regardless to slowly adding proteins to your diet after your juice cleanse instead of going with fried and greasy foods. Either way, you should attempt to minimize your intake of refined sugars, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, and anything with high amounts of fats to maintain the long-term benefits that were gained from the juice cleanse.

Overall, it is important to avoid any carbonated drinks as well as processed fruits and foods where possible. The crucial thing to remember is also to hydrate constantly no matter which day it is. At PUR Cold-Pressed, we also offer individual juices that you can purchase individually to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables even after your cleanse.

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