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Turmeric Lemonade For Depression And Stress Relief

Turmeric lemonade is a fresh and refreshing drink that can help to relieve feelings of depression and anxiety, owing to its many healing properties. In fact, turmeric is a spice that offers plenty of benefits and is known to fight anxiety while also delivering a diuretic and draining effect. Getting hold of quality turmeric is very simple today from stores and the ingredient is gaining popularity in the community for use in meat-based and rice dishes. If you are looking to concoct your own turmeric lemonade, here is a fast and easy homemade juice recipe.

Turmeric Lemonade Preparation

  • Clean the lemons and oranges under running water before squeezing them
  • Grate the fresh turmeric root.
  • Use a saucepan to boil approximately a liter of water.
  • Switch off the heat and pour the hot water into a jug. Add in the squeezed lemon and orange juices along with the grated turmeric root. Mix in honey to taste and combine mixture until honey is dissolved.
  • Cool down the concoction and add ice if desired.

Preparation Tips

To prepare a much tastier lemonade that is rich in nutrients, you can add some grated ginger root. Ginger gives a little punch and can increase the antioxidant and diuretic effects of your juice. If you are not able to find fresh turmeric root in stores, you can simply use turmeric powder. Make use of roughly 4 teaspoons of turmeric powder or up to your personal liking.

Use of Turmeric Lemonade

Turmeric lemonade is highly recommended for individuals who are suffering from depression or anxiety. It is advisable to consume at least 2 to 3 glasses of turmeric lemonade every day and possibly on an empty stomach. For you to enjoy the convenience with all the benefits that turmeric lemonade has to offer, try our PUR Turmeric Lemonade, where no preservatives were used.

Turmeric and Curcumin

Turmeric has been used for centuries in countries like India and China to treat conditions like stress, skin ailments, and infections. The spice can also ease symptoms of depression thanks to a chemical found in its root stalk. It is part of the ginger family and is widely grown in tropical areas all over the world. Turmeric is one of the main spices found in curry powder. The following is the list of benefits that turmeric has been found to offer:

  • Prevents inflammation of the body
  • Delivers antioxidant effects to ward off cell damage
  • Lowers risks of cancer

 There has been increasing evidence that shows inflammation is linked to depression and studies have shown that curcumin relieves inflammation of our immune system. Studies of curcumin in animals have also found that the spice could have an impact on dopamine and serotonin which are brain chemicals that control our behavior and mood. Curcumin also changes parts of our brain that respond to stress. It can also prevent damage to our cell structures that produce energy.

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