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PUR Subscription Program: Best Juice Cleanse Delivery To Your Home

Cold pressed juices are a new trend now, and it’s not hard to see why. In an age where more people than ever before are starting to prioritize their health and wellbeing, cold pressed juices are a great addition to any diet. Not only are they high in vitamins and nutrients, but you can also choose from a variety of interesting and tasteful flavors, making it a fun experience – who says watching what you eat (or in this case, drink) has to be boring?

At PUR Cold-Pressed, we have heard what you, our valued customers, have to say and launched a subscription program, where you can get the best juice cleanse delivery right to your home. Read on to find out some benefits of becoming a subscriber with us!

Going on a Juice Cleanse

Cold pressed juices retain a higher level of vitamins and antioxidants than regular juice. To get more out of each cup, it simply makes sense to go cold pressed! When you have made up your mind to go on a juice cleanse, you know that you are making a wise decision. Not only can your body detoxify during this period, but it can also help you rebalance your diet and even aid in weight loss.

Choosing a Subscription – What Are the Benefits?

If you already drink cold pressed juices on a regular basis anyway, getting a subscription simply makes sense in more ways than one. For one thing, you can get your favorite juices at a reduced price – what’s not to love? Our subscribers at PUR Cold-Pressed can enjoy 10% off each recurring subscription order they make, and we make the deal sweeter with exclusive offers, discounts, and gifts from time to time.

On top of the preferred rates you are already enjoying, you get to earn reward points for every dollar you spend with us. These points can be used against future purchases or used to redeem gifts, allowing you to get more out of your subscription. With a customizable delivery schedule, you can choose when you want your juices to arrive, ensuring that someone will always be at home to receive them!

What’s more, we prioritize our subscribers when it comes to customer service: You will receive a special phone number you can call for any queries or issues you have. Instead of having to wait for a staff member to get back to you, you can get the answers you need immediately with our priority number.

Get Started on Your Next Juice Cleanse with PUR Cold-Pressed Today

Excited to get started on your next juice cleanse, or interested to find out what the big deal is with cold pressed juices? You have come to the right place at PUR Cold-Pressed! You can choose from our juice cleanse bundles to suit your needs, tastes, and preferences. Whether your main aim is to lose weight, detoxify or simply cleanse your body, you can find what you need in our online shop today!

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