PUR Cold Pressed Juice Subscriptions

Do you want a constant supply of our delicious juices? How about a way to earn rewards every time you shop with PUR Cold-Pressed?

Here at PUR Cold-Pressed, we have listened to the feedback of our #PURFAM and have come up with options to better suit your needs. One of the ways we hope you can improve your experience with us is through our subscription service. By becoming a PUR subscriber, you will get access to a host of different advantages and programs that will not only benefit you, but the earth as well.

About Our Subscription Program at PUR Cold-Pressed

Joining our subscription program is really easy – all you need to do is go to the Subscriptions Tab on our website, select your favorite product, kit or CUR, and the frequency that you would like to receive your juices. From there on, you are all set to receiving your first subscription package!

Benefits of Our Subscription Program at PUR Cold-Pressed

  • Liviri Box Program: Bio-sustainability is something that everyone on earth should commit to so that we can build a healthier environment for ourselves and our future generations. One of the ways that PUR Cold-Pressed acts upon this is by introducing our Liviri Box Program. Our Liviri Box is a reusable, returnable, paper free cooler box that can help to save on packing materials while still ensuring that all your bottled juices stay cold and fresh until you are ready to drink them.
  • Rewards Program: Our rewards program is a way to allow our #PURFAM to rack up exclusive rewards. For every dollar spent, you will get to earn one point. At the same time, when you refer a friend, your friend will not only get 10 dollars, but you’ll also be rewarded with 10 dollars in points! These points can be used to offset future purchases or redeem exclusive rewards.
  • Special Offers and Exclusive Discounts: Not only will each subscriber enjoy 10% off each recurring order, but they will also get access to exclusive offers and discounts. For some events, there may even be special gifts prepared for our subscribers! This is our way of giving back to our customers. Ultimately, our wish is for our customers to have a more wholesome experience with our cold pressed juices.
  • Priority Customer Service: Every subscriber will receive a special phone number. Unlike before where you may have to wait for a while to get served, your queries will now be immediately attended to. We understand that being placed on hold while you have issues with your order can be really annoying. This is why we offer priority customer service to all our subscribers.
  • Customizable Delivery Schedule: A subscription with us should be expedient and accessible. This is why we have also introduced our customizable delivery schedule so you can enjoy the convenience of managing your member subscription options whenever you need to make any changes. However, please take note that if you have opted into our Liviri Program, tracked shipments will purely be made on Mondays.

Why Choose PUR Cold-Pressed?

PUR Cold-Pressed stands apart from other companies that produces juices, largely because our team of dedicated staff truly believes in helping people achieve happier and healthier lives.

To learn about our delicious and nutritious PUR cold-pressed juice or find out more about our subscription program, contact us at PUR Cold-Pressed today!