PUR Cold Pressed Commits to Freshness and Bio Sustainability by moving Production to the Source - PUR Cold Pressed Juice

PUR Cold Pressed Commits to Freshness and Bio Sustainability by moving Production to the Source

PUR Cold-Pressed produces only the highest quality juices by cold pressing our juices exclusively in Monterrey, Mexico.

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EL PASO, TX, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- PUR Cold-Pressed, a 100% natural, vegan, and preservative-free juice company, has raised its commitment to sustainability and freshness by choosing to juice at the source in Mexico. By doing so, PUR has raised the bar on both sustainability and freshness in the juice industry, with a production process and product second to none.

PUR Cold Pressed juice originated in El Paso, Texas. The company started as a locally owned and operated business serving the community. As demand grew, the company focused on finding a way to be able to provide PUR nationwide while continuing its commitment to sustainability and freshness.

Through a long and arduous research, PUR discovered that Monterrey, Mexico was an ideal location for creating juices. Mexico’s major comparative advantage in producing fruits and vegetables for export is its climate: Mexico can produce and export commodities to the US when there is very little competition from similar US produce. Other advantages include lower wages and the availability of virgin land, which reduces pest pressures that build up over time. As the farms where the ingredients are sourced are within hours of the production facility, almost all of PUR’s juices are pressed within days of being picked.

The second major advantage of juicing at the source is bio sustainability. By juicing close to the farms where the raw product is grown, PUR saves travel for the ingredients. As it takes up to 4 lbs of produce for one PUR 16-ounce bottle, one 18-wheeler bringing produce from Mexico will only produce 5000 bottles of juice. That same vehicle can fit approximately 40,000 bottles! By bottling at the source, PUR saves approximately 800% of the fossil fuels spent just to bring the product to the US for production.

PUR Cold-Pressed juices have a higher nutrient and enzyme content because they are never heated, using less processing, and creating less waste. PUR juices contain no preservatives, no added sugars (except the lemonade, which uses natural agave to sweeten), and are all vegan (including vegan protein and collagen) as well as gluten-free.

PUR’s headquarters are in El Paso, TX, a multi-cultural town where American and Mexican culture blends like no other. Our staff Is comprised of multicultural and bilingual team members who span age, background, and gender. We are very proud to be Woman-owned, and over 70% woman staffed.

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