Cold Pressed Juice Cleanses

The PUR Juice Cleanse is the perfect way to kickstart a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, & detox.  Fresh pressed fruits & veggies in a bottle, it's that simple! Choose the length that works for you!  

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  • Signature All Juice - The most intense cleanse, all fruit & vegetable juice every day.  The ultimate way to detox or shed some pounds!
  • Harmony Cleanse with Mylks - For those who love almond milks, this includes two almond milks a day that are satisfying, creamy and delicious paired with our cleanse juices.
  • Powerhouse Cleanse with Protein - For those who are on keto or want the extra punch of protein, our Protein drinks are a delicious way to cleanse WITH protein!  The cleanse includes two Protein almond milks PLUS a Protein green juice!  The vegan protein makes a delicious addition to these, the mylks almost have the consistency of a smoothie!
  • Go Mini! Cleanse - Very much like many of the shake diets, choose any of our cleanses as a "mini", this incorporates 4 juices a day.  You then add a sensible meal for a easy way to cleanse or shed a few pounds!   


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