3 Day Cleanse

3 day juice cleanseHere at PUR Cold-Pressed, we believe that a healthy life style should be accessible, yummy, and easy. This is especially so when so many of us can easily get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life. We believe that everyone should have the ability to choose to be healthier, this is why we have introduced our PUR Juice 3 Day Cleanse so that each individual can enjoy the best fruits and vegetables even between meetings and appointments.

About Our PUR Juice 3 Day Cleanse

To begin with, what even is a juice cleanse? Sometimes known as a juice fast, it is a type of detox diet that consists of only drinking fruit and vegetable juice for three days. This might sound like a surefire way to kickstart starvation. However, the calories in each juice and the ingredients that are used are specially measured and designed so that you will still be able to meet your nutritional needs for each day.

Here at PUR Cold-Pressed, every ingredient that is used is at its ripest, freshest, and tastiest so that anyone drinking will not only get the best possible health benefits, but also a delicious beverage to look forward to every time.

While we would encourage everyone to stick to a juice-only diet during your juice cleanse, we also fully understand that sometimes, you simply need some snacks to carry you through. We would encourage anyone who wants to snack or have a heartier breakfast to go with a cleaner, healthier option.

Benefits of Our PUR Juice Cleanse Collection

The best part about doing a juice cleanse is that it acts as a quick reset or introduction to a new healthy eating program. For most of us, cooking at home might be a tedious chore but eating out can mean taking in high amounts of unhealthy oil, sodium, sugar, and other toxins. Undergoing a juice cleanse is an easy way to recalibrate your diet, as well as your attitude towards healthy eating.

Our PUR Juice Cleanse Collection

  • PUR Signature Juice Cleanse:  This is our best selling cleanse with many of our tried and tested favorites like Sunny Citrus and Greens. It averages out at around 1,250 calories a day and will be good for anyone who wants to get an understanding of PUR Cold-Pressed’s menu range.


  • PUR Harmony Mylk Cleanse:  The Harmony Cleanse comes in at around 1,440 calories per day and unlike the signature cleanse, it features choco mylk and vanilla almond mylk to increase the calorie count for the day.


  • PUR Powerhouse Protein Cleanse:  Perfect for active people, the powerhouse protein cleanse is chock-full of high-protein meals for active recovery. Another interesting aspect of this cleanse is that it features a protein cold brew for you to kickstart your day.


  • PUR Mini Juice Cleanse:  Perfect for beginners! To select this option, simply choose from any of the previous cleanses and opt out for two juices. Afterwards replace the juices with a healthy meal. This is good for people who are just trying out juice cleanse or have unavoidable social commitments like daily family dinners.

Why Choose PUR Cold-Pressed?

One of the best things we can offer is that we are truly passionate about you and your loved ones. That is why on top of our four interesting cleanses, we also offer you the chance to customize your own cleanse so that you can look forward to every single bottle of juice.

To learn about our delicious and nutritious PUR Juice Cleanse Collection or find out more about our subscription program, contact us at PUR Cold-Pressed today!