Don't believe the hype

Cold pressed juices are all the rage right now. Whether they are used as a refreshing summer beverage or as part of a juice cleanse program, cold pressed juice is definitely a delicious way to nourish your body with all the necessary nutrients. At PUR Cold-Pressed, our mission is to help our community boost their body’s ability to carry out important bodily functions, and improve their body’s self-regulatory processes. Whether it is removing toxins from your body, improving your immune system, or just having a greater digestive capability, our juices and cleanse programs are specially designed to meet your lifestyle needs.

Don't believe the hype

About Our PUR Cold-Pressed Juices

Our team takes juicing very seriously, and we can honestly tell you that not all juices are made equal. There are three aspects to what sets us apart from other cold pressed juice providers – our commitment to sustainability, the juices we produce, and the methods we use to produce them.

In terms of product design, we do our best to make sure that our bottled juices are not just healthy for the people who drink our juices, but that the bottles we use are environmentally friendly as well. We love our earth and truly believe that our usage of natural resources should be sustainable. This is why we have established programs like the Liviri Box Program, and also choose to bottle our juices with eco-friendly, recyclable bottles.

The next aspect is the taste and consistency of the juice that we produce. The best way to know this is simply to take your first drink. Our experts prioritize a smoother brew without pulp that still has a concentrated and flavorful taste. The process to achieve this goal does take more time than conventional juicing, but the difference is obvious to anyone who tries our juices. More importantly, we do not water down any of our juices in order to lower costs and this shows in the quality of our final bottled products.

One of the last things that set us apart is the methods we use for obtaining and bottling our juices. After we cold pressed our harvest, we apply the technique of High Pressure Processing (HPP), also known as Cold Pressure, to lock in the nutrients in our juices. HPP is a non-thermal approach to food preservation that utilizes pressure instead of heat to destroy pathogens.

Don't believe the hype

Advantages of Our PUR HPP Process

The HPP technique has many benefits. Firstly, using HPP means that our cold pressed juices do not lose any nutritional value. As such, every bottle of our cold-pressed juice is able to contain as much minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes as possible from the fruits and vegetables.

Secondly, HPP allows for a longer shelf life without preservatives. This is because the high pressure is able to counteract any harmful pathogenic microorganisms as well as any other components that can cause vegetative spoilage.

Don't believe the hype

Why Choose PUR Cold-Pressed?

At PUR Cold-Pressed, we promise to always provide you with the best alternatives to healthy living. Whether it is cold-pressed juice or booster shots, our dedicated team is constantly concocting new ways to best help you improve your body.

To learn about our delicious and nutritious PUR cold-pressed juice or find out more about our subscription program, contact us at PUR Cold-Pressed today!

Don't believe the hype