At PUR Cold-Pressed juices, we believe in creating premium cold-pressed juice blends that can delight your taste buds. Only using the best ingredients that are locally and naturally sourced, each bottle of juice is made within an hour of picking the fruits and vegetables to obtain the freshest and most refreshing flavor. On top of being delicious, they are also versatile and can be used in many different recipes. We have listed some below with the same taste profiles as our juices.

Recipes with PUR Cold-Pressed Juice Flavors

Before you get started on any of these recipes, make sure to wash your produce thoroughly and peel the fruits as needed.

  • Sunny Citrus Cooler: On top of being a vibrant juice option for summer days, this is an excellent blend of pineapple, orange, and lemon flavors. You can substitute a bottle of our delicious sunny citrus instead of the using juice concentrates. Finish off with a splash of white soda or ginger ale and garnish with orange slices.
  • Strawberry Basil Smoothie: This recipe uses frozen, hulled strawberries and a serving of fresh basil leaves. Depending on your dietary preference, you can either use coconut water or almond milk in this drink. Blend till smooth and add honey or agave and salt to taste.
  • Spiked Pineapple Mint Lemonade: Perfect for a boozy brunch, this recipe is refreshing with a kick of alcohol. Simply combine pineapple juice, lemonade, and your preferred vodka in a pitcher. Chill before serving or serve this drink over ice. Garnish with mint sprigs and lemon wheels before serving. Take note that it is important to bruise or chop the mint sprigs in order to extract the oils for the flavoring to be present in the drink.
  • Naturally Sweet Green Juice: It can be hard to get all the servings of vegetables that you need in a day. This is why you should try this recipe for a naturally sweet green juice. Using green apple, celery, cucumber, lemon, ginger, and kale, combine in a blender or juicer for a nutritious drink. This recipe can be adapted for other appropriate vegetables in your fridge like spinach or herbs like parsley and mint.
  • Super Red Juice: Prepare fresh beetroots, red apples, grapefruit, lemon, and cucumber. Combine in a blender or juicer and process until smooth. Other red fruits and vegetables like strawberries and red bell pepper can also be added to balance out the flavors of the beets.

Why Choose PUR Cold-Pressed?

With PUR Cold-Pressed, each of our bottled juices cleanses are designed to meet all your nutritional needs in a day. We take special care to not degrade or oxidize our produce in order for you to enjoy 100% of all the live enzymes and nutrients when you get it.


On top of this, we make sure that our production process follows sustainable measures. Not only are our bottles recyclable, we also locally source our ingredients as far as possible to reduce our carbon footprint.

To learn about our delicious and nutritious PUR cold-pressed juice or find out more about our subscription program, contact us at PUR Cold-Pressed today!