At PUR Cold-Pressed, our mission is to share delicious, nutritional, and healthy juices with everyone. At the core of it, we wish for everyone to have a sustainable diet that will allow your body to function at optimal conditions.

However, our commitment to sustainability begins long before our bottles reach our clients. At PUR Cold-Pressed, choosing to be sustainable involves many aspects – our production methods, the way we source our ingredients, and even our delivery methods.

About Our Commitment to Sustainability at PUR Cold-Pressed

Other than our food, one of the most important things that keeps us healthy is our environment. If the air in the environment is constantly chock-full of toxic chemicals and our ingredients are contaminated with pesticides and chemical fertilizers, our health will be affected no matter what kind of food we take in. Choosing to commit to sustainable production isn’t just about looking good, it is part of our mission to help people lead better, healthier lives.

Our Sustainability Efforts at PUR Cold-Pressed

Our team truly cares about Mother Earth. To be more environmentally friendly, we have made choices in three main aspects of our business.

  • Fresh Pressed Juice: Not only are the fruits and vegetables we use crucial to ensuring the nutritional value of our juices, but they are also important in deciding just how sustainable our products are. We have committed to using seasonal vegetables and fruits where possible and prioritize locally sourced options. This means that we have a constantly rotating menu for our customers to enjoy, and we can also support our local farmers who practice sustainable farming methods. Cars and transport vehicles are large producers of carbon emissions. This is one of the reason why we try to opt for locally-sourced materials. Not only can we support local businesses, but there isn’t a need to use large vehicles over long distances just for us to produce the juices.
  • Recyclable Bottles and Packaging:  Key to all of our products, this is the next big aspect of how PUR Cold-Pressed reduces our carbon footprint. We try to make a difference by producing our bottles at the source with recycled, BPA-free materials. Making these choices means that we can save up to 5000% in our carbon footprint as compared to if we simply purchase bottles from other manufacturers.
  • Eco-friendly Liviri Box: We aim to be environmentally friendly by providing our bottled juices in our eco-friendly Liviri Box during delivery. Our Liviri Boxes can be reused and recycled for many years to come, creating opportunities for greater bio-sustainability.

Why Choose PUR Cold-Pressed?

At PUR Cold-Pressed, we take our juices very seriously. Every different concoction is carefully crafted to make sure that the taste is just right, with the perfect nutritional content, and an array of beautiful natural colors. In fact, we are confident that our customers will be able to taste the difference between our juices and the other pressed juices that are readily available on the market.

To learn about our delicious and nutritious PUR cold-pressed juice or find out more about our subscription program, contact us at PUR Cold-Pressed today!