PUR Greens Juice Celery Juice Bulk Pack Baker’s Dozen


Looking for an all GREENS cold pressed juice pack? Try the PUR Greens CUR! Choose from an individual pack of greens or celery or a blend of our PUR Greens, Celery Juice Kick, and Protein Greens, get a delicious and quick kickstart on your diet with this PUR CUR cold-pressed juice mixture.

Baker's Dozen Special - When you buy in bulk get one juice for free!  Buy 12 get 1 for free!

Choose from a blend of all our greens / celery juices or simply celery juice for those who want to buy bulk celery juice shipped to your door !  Includes:

* PUR Greens -  One of the most delicious cold pressed Green Juices you'll ever try, this unique blend is so refreshing and delicious you won't believe you're drinking fruits and vegetables!  

  • PUR Greens is packed with kale, celery, apple, cucumber ginger and lemon.

* Celery Juice Kick - Our potent and PUR Celery juice is simply celery juice, lemon, and a touch of Himalayan sea salt for a delicious and simple celery juice.  Buy this celery juice as part of the greens pack or buy celery juice in bulk with the celery juice bulk pack !  For those who love celery juice and want to buy this in bulk as a daily juice, the celery juice 12 pack is perfect and stays fresh!  Your Celery juice will come fresh and directly to your door, perfect for everyday those who drink green juice or celery juice everyday!

  • PUR Celery Juice adds a touch of apple, lemon and ginger juice to give a delicious kick to Celery juice! Absolutely delicious with only 120 calories for 16 oz.