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Frequently Asked Questions About Juice Cleanses Answered

A juice cleanse consists of a strict consumption of only organic, unpasteurized, and raw juice for a period of one to three days. Also known as a juice fast, a juice cleanse is a form of detox diet where only juice from fruits and vegetables is consumed with the intention of flooding the body with nourishment and healing while at the same time flushing out waste and toxins. Here, we answer some of the FAQs that many people have regarding juice cleanse.

What Do I Need to Prepare Before a Juice Cleanse?

For about three to five days before beginning the cleanse, coffee, meat, dairy products, alcohol, refined sugar, and nicotine must be gradually eliminated from the diet in order to reduce the possibility of having any withdrawal symptoms like cravings and headaches during the program. There should is an increased intake of fluids as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. During the process of the program, it is essential to have a minimum intake of 32 ounces of juice every day with more than half being green vegetable juice so always make sure that you have prepared all that for your juice cleanse program.

What should I do if I have Hunger Pangs?

It might be difficult to stick to your new juice cleanse routine and it is completely normal to feel like you need a little more. However, the key is to not give up! If there are any hunger pangs, it is also possible to supplement your diet by consuming some snacks such as celery, fruits, or salad. Experts also recommend activities such as going for a massage and sticking to milder exercises like going for walks, which might help in distracting you from thinking about your cravings and lowering the possibility of giving in. Alternatively, you could try thickening your juice by adding some creamy nut milk or even avocado or kale in your juice since some protein or fat content could help satisfy cravings.

Is a Juice Cleanse used to Lose Weight?

The main aim of a juice cleanse is to remove the toxins from the body, so this means that there is no guarantee of weight loss since this program is not designed with that objective. However, some consumers do experience weight loss during the first few days of cleansing due to loss of water weight or feeling bloated due to inflammation.

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