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What Is A Juice Cleanse And Is It Good For You?

Also known as a juice fast, a juice cleanse is a form of detox diet where only juice from fruits and vegetables is consumed with the intention of flooding the body with nourishment and healing while at the same time flushing out waste and toxins. 

How Does a Juice Cleanse Work?

A juice cleanse consists of a strict consumption of only organic, unpasteurized, and raw juice for a period of one to three days. Water that is lukewarm or at room temperature can also be consumed in between each meal to aid with the removal of toxins. For people who are in need of more calories, they can also take in smoothies or other healthy foods such as gluten-free snacks or meals, or vegan food depending on their preferences. Experts have a recommended schedule that consumers may follow when taking on the program.

For about three to five days before beginning the cleanse, coffee, meat, dairy products, alcohol, refined sugar, and nicotine must be gradually eliminated from the diet in order to lessen withdrawal symptoms like cravings and headaches during the program. There is an increased intake of fluids as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. During the process of the program, there is a need to have a minimum intake of 32 ounces of juice every day with more than half being green vegetable juice. If there are any hunger pangs, it is also possible to consume snacks such as celery, fruits, or salad. Experts also recommend activities such as going for a massage and sticking to milder exercises like going for walks. Finally, after the cleanse, start by eating light and gradually increasing your intake over the next few days.

Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

As the purpose of a juice cleanse suggests, the program helps the body eliminate toxic substances since quite a number of fruits and vegetables are considered natural detoxifiers including berries and celery. Raw juice also contains enzymes that play a huge role in improving digestion due to improved gut microbiota and the change in acidity in the digestive system.

A portion of people who have undergone the program has also claimed that they felt an increase in energy. This could have resulted from the removal of substances that takes up a lot of energy such as food with added sugar and coffee and the increase in the intake of nutrients that boost energy through certain fruits and vegetables.

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