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Cold Pressed Juice Vs. Normal Juice: Reasons To Choose Cold Pressed

The latest most popular pick at the supermarket or the gyms and spas these days has got to be cold pressed juices. It had been highly raved by celebrities for its detoxifying benefits and recommended by nutritionists and fitness experts. However, have you ever wondered what is the difference between cold pressed juices and regular juices? What gives cold pressed juice a notch higher than regular juice?

Difference between Cold Pressed Juice and Regular Juice

To begin with, cold pressed juice comes from cold pressed juicers that take out the juice which is packed with nutrients from all the fruits and vegetables. The process simply includes pressing and crushing the ingredients which keeps in all the nutrients and high fiber in the end product as well as attaining the most juice yield possible. No heat is involved in the juicing process and the juice obtained has retained as many vitamins and goodness that is just as good as fresh fruits and vegetables themselves.

On the other hand, traditional regular juice uses a completely different technique when extracting the juice. A thin and sharp blade is used in centrifugal juicers to split the juice and flesh of the ingredients. When the blade spins fast during the process, heat is inevitably generated, and this results in the loss of nutrients that are essential in the fruit and vegetables. Apart from nutrients, vitamins and enzymes found in fruits and vegetables are also destroyed.

Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice Compared to Regular Juice

The vast difference in techniques used to obtain the juice comes with a vast difference in the product. With the use of cold pressed juicers, even green leafy vegetables as well as herbs can have their juices extracted. As such, there is the option for consumers to enjoy power-packed nutritious green juices that don’t just taste great but are rich in vitamins too. Consumers are able to not just have a greater immunity of their bodies due to intact nutrients available in the juice, they are also able to enjoy the fantastic taste of cold pressed juice since the taste of the original ingredients can be retained and there is the option of mixing any fruit, vegetable or herb to enhance their taste.

With the modern fast-paced lifestyle that we have, we don’t have to ignore the needs of our bodies. Through drinking cold pressed juices, we can still take care of our health and well-being.

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