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Health Benefits Of Cold Pressed Juice

Raved by celebrities for its detoxifying benefits and recommended by nutritionists and fitness experts, there is no wonder why everyone knows at least a thing or two about the existence of cold pressed juice. Apart from it being the latest hot pick at the supermarket or the snack bars of gyms and spas in recent years and having a fabulous taste, how many people actually know the true benefits of cold pressed juices?

For a start, cold pressed juice is made from cold pressed juicers that take out the juice which is full of nutrients from all the ingredients including fruits and vegetables or even herbs. The process simply includes pressing and crushing the ingredients which keeps in all the nutrients and high fiber in the end-product as well as attaining the most juice yield possible. No heat is involved in the juicing process hence making the juice obtained retain as many vitamins and goodness that is just as good as fresh fruits and vegetables themselves. Here are just some of the main benefits that can be found in these amazing juices.

Boosts Immunity

Since most of the nutrients are retained in your cold pressed juice, this will feed the good bacteria found in your body which will in turn help in suppressing pathogenic bacteria. In addition, cold pressed juices are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A, especially for certain ingredients including spinach and carrots, and Vitamin C found in ingredients like oranges. These are fantastic in helping you boost your immune system.

Provides the Necessary Nutrients

Due to the no-heat process when making these juices, nutrients are not lost. Unlike traditional regular juicing methods, cold pressing juices mean that enzymes and vitamins are not destroyed or lost. At the same time, this method enables consumers to attain the most amount of juice with the least wastage while reaping the benefits just like what you would when consuming fresh fruits or vegetables.

Improves Overall Wellbeing

Despite our busy schedules which may make healthy eating too much of a hassle, reaching the ideal daily intake is now attainable through taking cold pressed juice which helps us reach our recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Cold pressed juice is known to be not just packed with nutrients that helps the body fight toxins, but also known to support overall health.

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