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Juice Cleanse Instructions For Beginners

So you’ve made the decision to try out a juice cleanse but aren't sure what to expect? A great juice cleanse for beginners begins with preparation. Dedicating several days to understand yourself and the available cleansing plans is essential if you want to get the most out of the detox diet. Juice cleanses have various health perks, including increased energy and appetite control.

Still not sure how to prepare? Not to worry, we’ve prepared an easy-to-follow three-step juice cleansing guide.

Pre-Cleanse Preparations

Depending on your existing eating habits and lifestyle, decide which of the following best describes you and follow the recommendations to minimize possible negative detox symptoms.

Junk Food Addict: If you’re the type to opt for sugary snacks and sodas regularly, set aside at least seven days to reduce your intake of unhealthy foods and replace them with salads and fruits.

Classic American Diet: With ready-to-eat food readily available, your usual meals consist of microwaved dinners and processed items which lack nutrients. Time to commit to at least five days of clean eating!

Weekend Warrior: You eat healthily on most days but let loose on the weekends to indulge in foods you avoided all week. It is recommended that you spend three to four days eliminating the processed foods and alcohol consumed.

Health Enthusiast: Healthy superfoods are your calling! As long as you stick to your greens for one to two days, you’re all set to begin your juice cleanse.

What should you do now that you know how long to pre-cleanse? Here are a few suggestions.

  • Set a goal for your juice cleansing diet
  • Regularly hydrate and drink plenty of water
  • Introduce more plant-based foods into your diet
  • Avoid consuming animal products, dairy, caffeine and alcohol

During the Cleanse

Have you received your juices after determining which program is suitable for you and your needs? Let us help you with some questions you might have during your cleanse now that you've got everything ready.

How often should I drink my juices? You should drink your juices in 12 hours, with two to three hours between each portion. Stop the juice cleanse if you feel sick and consult your doctor.

Can I eat during my cleanse? Food is not allowed during the cleanse but a handful of nuts or one serving of vegetables (the same vegetables contained in each juice) with a pinch of salt can be allowed to balance out your sodium intake.

Should I exercise? Yes, you absolutely can, and you should attempt relaxing activities such as yoga or going for a brisk walk. However, we do not encourage strenuous workouts as they can be overly taxing on the body.


We are near the end!

Take a moment to celebrate overcoming the hurdles of the cleanse for your mind and body. It is important to reflect post-cleanse on your experiences and monitor your body before transitioning back to your usual routine. As the days pass, gradually incorporate solid food from your typical diet until you are back to eating complete nourishing meals.

Start Your Juice Cleanse Journey with PUR Cold-Pressed!

If you are looking to kick off your first cleansing journey to detox, reset, and lose weight, here at PUR Cold-Pressed we offer 3, 5, and 7-day cleanses that can fit your schedule and preferences. It’s that simple to start drinking our cold-pressed fruit and veggie juice. Why wait, when you can do it now!

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