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PUR Cold-Pressed's 2-Year Journey: The Story And Values We Live By

Earlier in the year, PUR Cold-Pressed celebrated our 2-year anniversary. Looking back on how far we have come since our beginnings, we are humbled to stand by our original values in providing the cold-pressed juices our customers come to us for. This includes paying our employees a fair wage, sourcing only the freshest ingredients, and paying attention to our impact on the environment.

The PUR Cold-Pressed Story

PUR Cold-Pressed Juice started as a small local juice shop and since then, we have grown into a brand that’s nationally distributed and recognized. In fact, our juice sales have grown by 600% since 2020, with a 4.9 rating on Google! We attribute our success to the hard work and dedication of everyone on our small team as well as the long-lasting support of our loyal customers.

The Values We Live By

Ever since our inception, PUR Cold-Pressed has been living by the following values:

  • Paying Our Employees a Fair Wage: Our employees enjoy wages that are higher than the industry standard and are given generous vacation and retirement benefits.
  • Sourcing Our Ingredients Locally: As much as possible, our ingredients are sourced locally in line with our commitment to giving back to the local community. As such, our customers can rest assured that since our ingredients don’t have far to go during transportation, it goes a long way in reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring that ingredients are fresh.
  • Environmental Responsibility: All our cold-pressed juices are packaged in BPA-free bottles and our process of cold pressing ensures less waste.
  • Committed to a Healthier Way of Life: Did you know that all our juices contain no preservatives and added sugar? Our lemonades make use of natural agave to sweeten, but you will find no unnatural additives in any of our drinks. Our drinks are also vegan and gluten-free, making them suitable for a diverse range of lifestyles.

Throughout our years of serving you, PUR Cold-Pressed has stood by these values and will continue to stand by them. Our customers can enjoy full confidence that their money goes towards fair and ethical practices when it comes to sourcing ingredients and paying for labor.

Find Your Next Meal Replacement at PUR Cold-Pressed

At PUR Cold-Pressed, our team is able to treat each of our customers like family because we first treat each other like family. With a company culture that’s conducive to growth, learning, and cooperation, we are able to provide our customers with the high-quality juices, lemonades, and juice shots you are looking for. Even if you are new to juice cleanses, we welcome you to browse through our online shop and select some juices to try out according to your lifestyle goals, nutritional needs as well as individual tastes.

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