• 4 Ways To Start 2022 Off Right

            The new year is when you can create new beginnings and resolutions for yourself. As the previous year has been hard on everyone, it is the perfect opportunity to get a total reset and give yourself the chance to prioritize your mental health and physical wellness. Most importantly, it is a great time to plan how to practice a little TLC to avoid feeling burned out during the mid-year period. From incorporating snacks to boost your day to working out regularly, here are four ways you can start 2022 off the right foot.

            Grabbing a Midday Snack

            To many people, Monday is often the psychologically hardest day of the week. As it is the first day of two days of fun and relaxation, your sleep patterns would have already been disrupted by the weekends. So there’s little wonder why you would feel more irritable and annoyed than usual, even if you might have slept earlier the night before. However, there are ways you can change that up.

            For instance, bringing with you a midday snack to school or the office gives you something to look forward to in the morning. We’d recommend getting a mood-boosting, nutritious, and crunch snack like the Crunchmaster Crackers, which are gluten-free, baked to perfection with the right amount of moisture to be paired with your favorite dips and toppings.

            If you’re still feeling a little hungry from lunch, perhaps you could have these Minute Ready to Serve microwavable cups that are made for busy days with meals on the go to give you that boost of energy and keep you satisfied. They are available in various flavors, including Brown Rice & Quinoa, which is gluten-free and non-GMO.

            Drink a Refreshing Cold-Press Shot

            There is nothing better than a refreshing bottle of our PUR Cold-Pressed Shots to give you that shot of midday motivation. Our concentrated doses of essential wellness Elixirs provide you with the best of both worlds, as you can get enjoy the fresh and sweet flavors of our cold-pressed juices while strengthening your immunity and detoxifying the body. This is sure to be a pleasant welcome change in your diet after coming back from an entire holiday season of feasting. Best of all, if you are feeling generous, you can share the Wellness Elixir Combination Pack Cold Pressed Juice Shot with your friends and family!

            Strike a Pose to Get in Shape

            If you have wanted to join a fitness class since the year before, now is the best time to do it! You can take care of both your physical and mental wellness through yoga, where you can train your body to be stronger and more flexible and your mind to be more resilient and calm. In addition, we’d recommend buying your own yoga mat as a way of committing to be healthier this year.

            When shopping for one, remember to do some prior research and determine which material would suit you best. As a general rule of thumb, a thinner mat would be better to train stability-building, while thicker mats are ideal for therapeutic yoga. In addition, PVC mats are easier to maintain and clean, while natural mats made with natural rubber, cork, jute, and TPE are generally more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

            Listen to Music and Audiobooks during Workouts

            According to many studies, music is a mood-booster that can distract you from fatigue and pain during exercising. This causes your endurance to increase, and often you will stretch beyond your physical limits more than you will realize. Many people love listening to music while doing an intense workout as it keeps them feeling motivated and focused. If you are working out on a cardio machine such as a treadmill, you can opt for an audiobook or podcast that you love to distract you from counting the minutes and seconds. We’d recommend getting comfortable headphones within your budget with a Bluetooth connection to eliminate the chances of wires being tangled up all over your hair and body.

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            SOURCE: Crunchmaster, Minute Rice

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