How To Choose The Right Juice Cleanse For You

Juice cleanses are more than just a fad, they may be an excellent strategy to promote overall good health, reduce weight, and boost your immune system! For those who are unsure of what juice cleanses are, a juice cleanse is basically a short-term (3-10 days) diet that is centered solely around the consumption of juices produced from only fruits and vegetables. These juice cleanses are designed to significantly increase your intake of vitamins and minerals, decrease your caloric intake, and promote overall good health.

Factors to Consider

That said, you may find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the right juice cleanse for you. You may even feel daunted by the challenge of only consuming fruits and vegetables. Apart from the basic variables to consider (such as age, height, gender, nutritional restrictions), you will also need to consider your activity levels and lifestyle. Consuming only juices may not be practical for everyone, especially for instance if you find yourself traveling all day for work. You probably wouldn’t want to lug around a couple of gallons of juices around with you then.

At PUR we provide several lines of juice cleanses that cater to different individuals’ needs. Read on to find out more about them and discover what’s right for you!

PUR Signature Juice Cleanse

The PUR Signature Juice Cleanse is our frontline juice cleanse. The signature cleanse is designed for veterans and novices who have already tried a juice cleanse before and have the discipline and willpower to power through the cleanse but want to simplify the process of planning and preparing their meals in advance. In the juice cleanse you will consume 1500 calories a day, making it an effective weight loss implement as well.

PUR Powerhouse Protein & Juice Cleanse

The PUR Powerhouse Protein & Juice Cleanse is designed for the more athletic individual who wants to reduce any performance dips during their diet. By incorporating more vegan proteins into our specialized mix, you can enjoy a good cleanse without sacrificing as much on your gains. This juice cleanse is also great for those on a high-protein diet. As part of the diet, you will consume 6 protein juices throughout the day.

PUR Mini Juice Cleanse

The PUR Mini Juice Cleanse was designed specifically for those who are unable to commit to a pure juice cleanse. This may be because they are new to the diet and need something simple to break into it. Or it may be because the constraint of their lifestyle prevents them from only consuming fruits and vegetables throughout the day. Regardless of the reason, the mini juice cleanse centers around providing you two meals throughout the day instead of three. The third meal can be a regular meal of your choice.


It is always important to consider your existing health condition before embarking on a juice cleanse. For instance, be mindful of any deficiencies that you will have to pay extra close attention to during your cleanse. For this reason, we strongly recommend you get the approval of a trusted medical practitioner before embarking on any new diet. *NOTE: the meal is not included on PUR Mini Juice Cleanse.

To learn about our delicious and nutritious PUR cold-pressed juice or find out more about our subscription program, contact us at PUR Cold-Pressed today!