Juice Cleanse Guide

Juice cleanses may be an effective way of promoting vitamin and mineral intake, reducing caloric intake, and detoxing your body. Juice cleanses involve consuming the juices of only fruits and vegetables for a short period of time (typically 3-10 days). In this article, we cover the steps you can take to get on a juice cleanse safely.

Step One: Decide on the Duration

If you’re a beginner, you may consider trying for a one- or three-day juice cleanse. This will get you used to the side effects of a juice cleanse without feeling overly demoralized. If you’re a novice or veteran, you can consider a longer cleanse. Always make sure you are consuming a healthy number of calories especially over longer durations.

Furthermore, plan your cleanses around relatively inactive durations of life. Going on a juice cleanse during a vacation may be particularly challenging. Likewise with starting the diet just before an important athletic tournament. The best period would be during a relatively relaxing week without too many social gatherings.

Step Two: Get Juiced Up!

The first step to getting on a juice cleanse is to acquire your juice! There are typically two ways of doing so. The first is by making your juices. To do so, you will need a juicer and a ton of fruits.

The upfront cost of purchasing a juicer may be daunting for some. In addition, finding storage space for so many fruits may also be tricky. Because you are consuming only fruits, the total volume of food consumed will be greater than normal as there are typically fewer calories per pound of fruits and vegetables as opposed to processed foods. Most fruits and vegetables will also need to be refrigerated to maintain freshness throughout the diet. Another problem may be the amount of time spent juicing. Though an electronic juicer may save you time, the process of preparing your juices can still be time-consuming for the extremely busy individual. Furthermore, if you’re someone who is constantly on your feet throughout the day, you certainly can’t lug around a couple of gallons of juice (or a juicer) with you everywhere.

For all these reasons and more, many people may consider purchasing their juice cleanses online. This is an effective way of obtaining delicious pre-prepared juices that are easily stored and extremely portable.

Step Three: Stay on the Cleanse

Staying on the cleanse may be tricky. Some tips and tricks we recommend are:

  • Get on a routine. Drink your juices at regular intervals so that you have something constant you can look forward to.
  • Stay hydrated! Even though you’re drinking juice, you’ll still get dehydrated. Drinking water will also keep you feeling full for longer.
  • Reduce the consumption of caffeine and alcohol.

Step Four: Exiting the Cleanse

Pat yourself on the back, you’ve done it! Before jumping back into your regular diet, you may want to transition slowly. Eat smaller meals first, and focus on fruits and vegetables. That said, if possible, why go back to your regular unhealthy diet? If you can continue to eat healthily afterward, then do so! The end of a juice cleanse is just an opportunity for a new start to healthy eating.

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